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Durable, Dependable, Efficient

Quail Ridge Engineering belt conveyors are modular conveyor units consisting of pre-engineered standard mechanical components and structures. While durability and dependability are the hallmarks of Quail Ridge equipment, our customers also reap the benefits of standardization--economical capital expenditures and quick delivery.

QRE belt conveyors are designed to accommodate various applications and operating conditions. Available in belt widths of 18" to 36", the QRE belt conveyors have standard terminal equipment available, conservatively engineered for up to 40 hp. Both standard truss and channel frame construction can be supplied rated for wind loads to 90 mph and for spans up to 50 feet. Standard conveyor supports, load hoppers, discharge hoods, and other accessories can be supplied either as part of the conveyor package or as individual components.

Quail Ridge belt conveyors can be used in many types of operations handling a wide variety of bulk materials. Mining, building products, sand and gravel, stone, recycled materials, and coal prep are just a few of the industries where Quail Ridge belt conveyors have their place. QRE belt conveyors are also ideal in many processing plants such as clay, gypsum, cement, ready-mix, asphalt, chemical, brick, and fertilizer.

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